About Paul Oyewusi

My story

Paul Oyewusi is a speaker, author and thought leader in the leadership and human capital management industry with the aim of always inspiring his audience and clients into life and professional relevance.



He is the founder of The Paul Oyewusi Company, a human capital development firm and the mother company of Leadership Lab Africa and Paul Oyewusi Mentorship Academy (POMA) where he provides exclusive training, support and mentorship for leaders and professionals across all sectors with the intention of scaling up their productivity in life and relevance in career respectively.



He has trained individuals and organisations on several online and offline platforms. Paul uses his expertise to empower his clients, helping them lead a more transformed life even in their profession.

Aside from professional services offered by Paul, He is also a child leadership advocate and uses his non profit initiative, My Nigeria Network to advocate for a world where Children are regularly equipped with leadership skills to solve their own challenges. His Book, Getting Here was specifically written to help them find motivation through life. Paul runs a podcast show on anchor.fm/pauloyewusi where he shares some of his leadership insights.

Explicitly , Paul who is a certified leader develops content and trains on personal development, self leadership, mindset therapy, peak performance, career growth, professional relevance, workforce actication, customer experience, goal setting strategy, confidence makeover, the ABC of corporate presentation and executive leadership.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.