First Step To Being Relevant In Life

There were times in my life where I feel being somebody else or walking in somebody else’s shoes is the best for because it makes me free from the stress of being myself. I’m I speaking for you too?

Hmm, how thoughtful..

But I was wrong, as I grow up, I’ve come to understand that the best way to truly live in freedom is to be myself. There is nothing as beautiful as knowing who you are and being the best version of yourself, not somebody else.

It is true life will present to you many opportunities of being somebody else than yourself, no doubt, but it is your responsibility to say NO! A thousand times.

Brendon Burchard, a US leading personal development coach in one of his Book taught me to say NO more often so I can focus on what really matters. I matter and that’s what I should focus on I think.

The truth is this, It is as you spend quality time being yourself that you see the bigger picture about who God created you to be.

You may feel out of the picture, your guts may be failing you but that’s because you haven’t looked upward and inward. I mean to God and yourself long enough.

We all have our calling, ministry and place in this world, we were born to find it and live it. Trying to take another man’s place is not just stressful but robbery which has no better reward.

You too can be relevant being you! Just find your place!!!


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