Getting Here

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The life story of a grown man or woman cannot just be captured simply in black and white, else you won’t leave the first chapter in the next six years. The purpose of this Book is to let you know who about me and what things, circumstances and experiences has made me who I am.


Everyone walking the face of the earth have their different stories very unique to them and everyone connects with these stories uniquely. Reading the story of another person might resonate with your story and then stir up the passion for greatness in you.


Among the many purpose of this Book is to however, inspire self leadership in you as a young person and to let you know that your story is unique to you and can be told best by you alone. 


Regardless of what your story looks like, it is your responsibility to paint it colourfully and bring out the best in it. You cannot afford to settle for less because your father is a Farmer or because your Mother died while you were in primary school.


We all have our fair share. You must own your story to the point that it shapes you to be the person God wants you to be.

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    Its Nice and incredible

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