Social Responsibility

Nigeria as a country is faced with so many challenges which threatens her future. The country is gradually experiencing population explosion from 45 million as at independence. According to the United Nations, Nigeria will reach to 398 Million in total population by 2050 and may be worse by 2100. Also, according to UNICEF, 10.5 Million children are currently out of school in Nigeria, War over lands and properties in Southern Nigeria and insurgence in Northern Nigeria claiming lives and properties among many other rising challenges. All of these problems pose a threat to our economic development and prosperity which however, can be controlled with the application of right leadership skills. 

The future is bleak and we cannot afford to leave our children helpless and hopeless. Hence, we need to salvage the situation by saving the future of our children today. Every child deserves a better tomorrow and that is our responsibility.

My Nigeria Network is a youth-led initiative focused on raising the Nigerian children to be leadership minded and as well become direct solutions to problems in their immediate environment, home, school, malls, religious gathering etc.  Our mission is to convert 1 Million Nigerian children into fit leaders who will actively lead and participate in the sustainable development of Nigeria by 2030. We have been quite successful with it since inception with very limited resources.

To achieve our goal, we started the Renewal36 programme where we train and provide mentorship for children on leadership skills and personal development for three months leveraging on the school as our platform.

As the Executive director of this Organization which I founded as an undergraduate, I am responsible for leading the board on facilitation of project planning and management, partnership plans with other Organizations and consistent advocacy of policies that will engender our cause. 

In 2019, through our programme, we successfully trained and mentored 1,840 school children in Lagos, Ondo and Enugu and this has so far led to gradual development in the behaviour of about 10 percent of the students in these schools and that is our joy, with more to achieve in 2020.