Consulting Sessions with Paul provides strategic workplace advice, team building insights, leadership strategies and vision clarity to High Net-worth Individuals, Leaders of corporation and SMEs and Professionals. Paul is very good at taking you on an unforgettable journey of relevance and in no time, your result will speak.


Paul Oyewusi Mentoring Academy (POMA) provides you an amazing opportunity to get mentored by Paul and other experienced mentors around the world online for couple of weeks intensively.  This mentoring programme is super amazing because it provides you

  1. Convenience
  2. Quality Mentorship
  3. Access to Paul anytime on any issue
  4. Free access to one of Paul’s Book
  5. Affordable
  6. Client-centred
  7. Many more opportunities.

POMA is only available in two category




This is a 14-days Mentorship programme between me and you, no third party. This package will give you access to free masterclass during the period of the programme and daily calls from me from 9 – 14 days and you are FREE to ask me any question till the programme period elapse.



This is an academy mentorship for 42- days where you are enrolled as a student-mentee with a mentor assigned to you.


During the period of this mentoring programme you will have access to :


Different instructors, giving you practical insights into what will help you and your career blossom which includes but not limited to –

  • Personal Management
  • Self Esteem Therapy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communication
  • Workplace Promotion Strategy
  • Corporate Relevance
  • Smart Goal Setting

One-on-One Coaching

An intensive life and career coaching where we focus on the strategies that will help you attain sustainable relevance in life and profession.  In the cause of the coaching, you will achieve some specific results such as how to persuade clients to work with you, how to to make presentations at work and in public gatherings effectively, how to achieve set goals easily and many more.You have access to one intensive Results Consultation monthly, weekly follow-up sessions and access to my Books for FREE

Intensive Group Coaching

In this coaching programme, I would provide mentoring where I work with you to maximize your results in life and career by sharing with you practical strategies to gain relevance in life and in whatever career you have.

Do you want me to speak at your event?


I see speaking / Training as a platform to take away veils from people’s face. It’s always fun and always amazing having me speak or train at events because I leave the audience with so much energy and I pour out everything they need to hear withholding nothing in me.

unlimited networking plans

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complete plan

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Advance Plan

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